Season’s Greetings

October’s about to end then. 2009 has already seen the coldest 20th October in ten years. This year everything is in a hurry! Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali all blurred by and is done with. So naturally winter is due on time. Punctual to its yearly duty it is here, chilling out anemic people like me to the bone!

I hate Winters. (Go ahead gasp!) I hate to wake up in the morning or ever and drag myself out of the cozy quilt. Almost impossible it is to switch out of the sloth mode. Moreover, I’m hydrophobic in winters. Brushing and washing kills me. Each bath, I end up with blue itchy limbs shivering and clattering. If you were as anemic as me you would hate winters too.

Yet, I’m sure summer envies these chilling months. How many people hold that hot cuppa coffee and wear that blissful smile in summers? Which part of the sweaty dusty days equals to that one Sunday morning under that warm heavenly quilt?

Early dusks and dark 6’o clocks. Adda with the gang or that warm hand holding walk. Be it adrak wali chai or whiskey ki do peg. Aah blissful winters.

I hate it. Yet every year I wait for the morning when my breath will fog out before me. It makes me lazy. Yet after dinner I shall get my ass up the roof to hear sound travelling to me. Just to feel the stillness of the air.

These foggy months have the power to make time stop and get us lonely and blue but there is nothing so comforting as sharing the quilt and staying warm. Happy Winters! J


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