Re-visiting A Classic

So there is Good cinema, there is Bad cinema, there is the Ugly cinema, there is Boring cinema, there is cinema which goes over your head and then there is Bollywood. Beyond all. Our very own!

It’s like ghar ka khana. After a Hectic day of plundering through alien-ness when you browse through your sad old television set and chance upon the naach-gana routine. The Heroine shaking her demure waist. Oh! So Shy! (I’ll never dance when I’m shy! But I wish I would.) The Hero, eyes only for her. Wants only her. Lives just for her. Wooing just her. Oh! So Romantic!

In a workshop I attended  during the PSBT Film Festival, hosted by Professor Suresh Chabria, appreciating films, there could not have been a better conclusion for a hall full of Indian audience, when the workshop conductor gives in to the mass demand to forgo lunch and watch a 20 minute long clip from Bombay. Mani Ratnam and A.R. Rehman at some of their best moves.

The veil, the clouds, the non-six-pack hero, the Telugu film (also dubbed in Hindi)

The clips shown during the rest of the workshop were great! (Do check out the title credits sequence of Once Upon a Time in the West). We attempted to observe, interpret. But as Manisha Koirala appeared behind her veil, the gustakh wind exposing her – the audience sat mesmerised. Waiting to fall in love. The 20 minute sequence of trying to break the veil, come close, embrace, kiss in the wet rain.

Oh! How breath-taking it is to break the rules and fall in love with love. To be submerged. To believe blindly. To have someone say to you “I could give up everything for you. Could you do that for me? I could die for you. I’ll wait for you at the old fort. Come if you love me too.”

I’m sorry I couldn’t find clips with English subtitles, but believe me the images speak enough for themselves. though if you could contribute links with English Subtitles do post.

Please do share your Favourite Bollywood Classic


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