Insanity Calling?

A thought passed my mind. No, that would be a lie. A thought has been residing in my mind for a few months now; or maybe a year.

The final diploma is arriving with full force. It’s threatening to barge into my premises without any prior word. It had kept at bay all this while guarded by some tiny exercise and now that all of them have been plucked and plundered the late wave is set to crash into my life.

I’m as scared as I’m thrilled. R’s competition is no longer a benchmark. I have been set free.

The thought I was referring to, I had kept hidden and safe, poked at odd hours to derive guilty pleasures but now that the gates have been opened, there can be no more of that.

Shall I shoot away from Delhi?

Into the mountains shall I wade along with my dreams and the camera?

Do I dare capture the misty peaks?

My rationality warns me against it. Even says I’m too much of a dreamer to take work seriously there. But I’m craving! Shall I not use this opportunity? Adapt a story (the reason I joined this course) of Ruskin Bond’s? Place it where it belongs? Let me do what I really want to do. Someone encourage me.

There are matters to be taken care of:

–          Money/ Budget

–          Permissions

–          Equipments

–          Crew & Cast

Even if I take out the money factor which seems to be the most daunting, the I’m just left with a lot of hard work. Much more than what I’ve done before.

Shall I take on this much on my plate for the final show? Or keep it simple and sweet?

sos 😦 sos 😦


3 thoughts on “Insanity Calling?

  1. My second question is more simple. “Will you regret it if you don’t?”

    Let your mind wander through all your dreams and the one that is most important to you will reveal itself. That is the dream you will need to pursue at some point in some manner if you are to not be burdened by regrets.


    1. Well asked… But maybe I won’t. I want to get away to the mountains. Not pack my work there. After careful pondering on your question I’ve decided.


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