The Final Story





When I started preparing for the final diploma I was dumbfounded to be preparing for the big thing. For starters it was the lengthyest we would attempt (a 10 minuter). Second, all the previous attempts were projects. The faculty smirked if we kids said film. But this… We were officially allowed to call film. Then as I mentioned before, this was more about doing good than doing better than R. The last would have to be this huge doubt I have about when I might get another chance to work in a fiction project. So all in all I had to pour out the best in me.
What I did instead… I got cold feet. I slept and slept. Procrastination Queen – that would be me.
I came up with a bunch of trashy Ideas. Dumped them and then slept some more.
It would be very honest to say without Mr. Bond, Luck and Chanchal (who I know reads this blog but just won’t subscribe) this project would quite have been a lost cause.
It was a fun shoot. Very different from what we did before. It included a train ride to Meerut, followed by bus ride back to Delhi. It was not as messy as I thought it would be. In all I miss work for the first time in my life.

PS: We didn’t go to the mountains but we found our Dehra right here, in Delhi.


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