Something Fresh: P. G. Wodehouse



Something fresh indeed! For this is the first time I read this author. Quite a surprise, given that I have aways seen rows full of P. G. Wodehouse in every library that I’ve ever been to. I wonder then what exactly was it that made me wait 25 years before I actually considered reading something by him. Better late than never for I’m glad I picked this one up.

P. G. Wodehouse gave me many laughs with his wit and one liners. His understanding of human nature is quite thorough and when he relentlessly corners his characters in the awkwardness of being human, it’s hard not to relate to them.

The characters of Something Fresh are full of vigour for life and adventure and hence constantly get into exciting situations. There is theft, there is reward and there are people trying to get that reward. A simple plot made hilarious by many coincidences.

P.G. Wodehouse, according to me does a bit of injustice to his female lead – Joan Valentine, who is portrayed as a feisty achiever but by the end achieves nothing and unfairly watches on as her (less deserving) male counterpart takes her place.

While Joan reaches such an end, it is the much passive Aline Peters who takes matters in her hand and calls shots no one expects her to.

In short, P. G. Wodehouse is fun, fast and entertaining. Definitely something you would wish to read after having finished something serious.


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