Eureka moment about sanity!

Sanity is nothing more than experiencing the fear of the repercussions of any kind of revolt.

Say for example, we have all, at least once in our life, felt the urge to acquire a machine gun and shoot at whoever is in site (Please say that you have had that urge or else ill need to spend money I don’t have on a psychiatrist). But most of us resist the urge of doing something like that because of a number of fear filters placed on us in the form of law, social sanction, family and most importantly the conditioning which cripples us the most. The constant referencing to the future and the image of an unhappy one. We are all constantly and consistently striving for a happy future (in this life or in the latter). These are the elements of normality. And those who don’t subscribe are called insane.

Agree? Have a different point of view? Want to add to what I feel? Do share with your comments.


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