Cats make the best pets

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I was in the 3rd standard when I first carried a cat home. I spotted it from the roof of my home on the fourth floor. Within minutes I had joined that impoverished thing near the big community gate behind which it was hiding. About half an hour of dodging and chasing later I had the nape of the kitten in the grip between my thumb and my index finger. My mom had taught me well. That’s how you picked up a kitten if you didn’t want it to struggle. Just like a mommy cat lifts it’s babies.

It has been 17 years since then and I am still seen chasing kittens at odd hours through odd lanes. And there’s not one reason why I am this cat crazy. Cats are fabulous for a number of reasons. Read on to know them all. I’m sure by the time you are through with this blog I would have converted at least some of you to the cult of cat love. I’ll be proud if that happens. So all you promising readers, without further ado…


Cats are soft and they purr: Soft kitty Warm kitty little ball of furHappy kitty sleepy kitty purr purr purr…Cats are like living comforters. Everytime you are sick or unhappy or stressed all you need is cat loving. It’s the best destresser till date. There is nothing as sweet and as relaxing as the sound of a cat purring. They make excellent sleep companions.

Cats never argue or disagree with you: No matter what you decide to do or decide not to do, you cats are not going to come and challenge you and start an argument. They give you the space you need to be just who you are. Lame is good with them. Smart is good with them. They don’t judge you either way.

Cats have a life of their own and don’t stop you from having one: I have been gone days on end – on vacation or just out with friends. You know those times when you just forget about home. Not once have I come back to a starved and dried out cat. My cats always manage to find a way to get on with their life while I am gone. Nor will they complain and make me feel guilty for having been gone for so long. In fact they are delighted to see me. And this is not just a one way stream. My cats also are gone when they feel like it. They got a life of their own too.

Cats listen, and often respond: I talk to my cats a lot. So does my dad and so does my mom. And you know what? They more often than not understand exactly what we are talking about. Cats can sense your sate of mind and will even try to make you feel better when you are low. It’s not all the time that they come and sit near you.

Cats bring you presents: Believe it or not. Mice, rats, pigeons and sometime even a bag of trash. If your cats are bringing these things home (dead or alive) then that’s a present for you. Of course when you refuse to accept it they just eat it on their own, but how thoughtful of them.

Cats are easily amused: Say you are busy with sudden office work and your cat is in Disneyland mood. What do you do! No need to fuss like those dog owners I know. Just throw your cat a paper ball or a green chilli or maybe an onion! You cat will amuse itself for an hour straight till it gets hungry. A lot of entertainment for so little investment of effort.

Your cats never abandon you: They may be gone for a while but they always come back. Not like those painful heartbreaks where you suddenly find yourself alone for no fault of your own. Yes sometimes cats don’t return. And it’s only when they just can’t because of that unfortunate incidence which sent them to heaven. Besides that you will always find your cats purring by your feet.

They don’t lie: I think that’s one reason why all animals are so much better than people. They don’t judge you silently and give you a fake smile. They are just themselves. They didn’t like something then they will hiss at you but they will never lie to you. Bless them for that.

Cats teach you to chill out: If you think cats are lazy then you clearly got it all wrong. Cats just chill out. They are in a permanent state of trance I think. Learn a thing or two from them. Stop worrying about things you can’t help. Just curl up and sleep a bit instead. This world will be a better place.

They are kind of born with adorably hilarious squints: Yeah! Have you seen new born kittens!? First they have round ears and they sort of can’t balance then so they can’t walk in a straight line. They wobble around with shaky feet. And then their eyes (when the mother finally manages to lick them open) are looking in all kinds of funny directions. They are totally squint. And have that expression as if they are trying really hard to focus. Totally LOL.



What more do you need? Just keep calm and bring home a bundle of joy today!


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