A generation of manipulators?


As I walked out from the theater after watching Fugly, it dawned on me that justice in India has become a petty revenge game. And nothing shows it better than when Fugly’s protagonist Dev suffers self immolation to ruin inspector Chautala.

Fugly is in essence a story of four small time thugs who end up as victims stuck in the web of a bigger thug. The four protagonists of the story go around town having their way and bullying those who cross their paths because one of them is the son of a minister. But the minute they find that there is a more ruthless bully in town – suddenly talks of justice begin.

The youth today seems to be extremely proud of themselves for having found their voice through social media and street protests. They are demanding change and are even being represented by the media which is putting them on a nationwide platform. Rang De Basanti stylised it quite a bit. It’s fashionable to be an aware and vocal youth.

But isn’t it this pride which has given birth to a lot of arrogance? Till the time law can be bended to suit your own convenience it’s all good but when honesty and ideals start getting in the way of comfort, it must be forgotten. Law has become something which is very easily moulded to suit the situation at hand.

The Fugly yuva do the same. When they take an eve-teaser on a death ride to teach him a lesson, it is (for them) well meaning activism as it’s for a ‘good cause’. But when the table turn and they are at the receiving end, they evolve into innocent kids who might be weak but have a lot of power in a democracy where whoever owns the media is right.

And for the youth to own the media is quite easy. They have grown up watching it evolve. They know all the tricks of the trade. They know news is about TRP not about logic. Are we forgetting about the “just” in justice? Is justice only for those who can speak up? Or is it yet another entertainment we expect out of the TV set at home. Revenge sells. When women are raped, people like to talk about “stoning to death” and “hanging in public”. But is that delivering justice or is it just the manifestation of a generation which has grown up believing in tit for tat and instant noodles?


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