Entertainment is the worst Akshay Kumar has done so far


Okay that does it. That’s 3 films in a row. I can’t watch any more trash. Please Bollywood I beg don’t do this to me. When I thought Hate Story was the epitome of trashiness you threw Kick at me. And when not just me, but the world agreed that there couldn’t be a film more torturous than Kick you come out with Entertainment? Okay I give up Bollywood. You are Satan personified. You can come up with higher standards of evil whenever it so occurs to you. But please, pretty please, I really can’t take any more of this. Please promise next Friday will be better…

That’s how you will also feel once you see Entertainment. This film is beyond bad. I think we should stop putting down B-grade and C-grade films. We have no right to do that. Because our so called A-grade films are no better.

Despite this being such a high budget film made by such commercially successful people, I see no chance for Entertainment to be a hit. It’s lame, it’s not funny and most of the time it’s quite boring! I think this is the only film so far that I don’t even feel like reviewing because I have nothing nice to say about it plus I’m quite irritated that I had to watch the film in the first place!

Entertainment, if you must know, is a film about a dog who inherits a fortune when his rich owner, Panna Lal Johri dies. Akshay Kumar (Akhil) who in some feat of destiny is the long lost son of the deceased millionaire reaches to claim his fortunes but finds himself second in line to a dog. This hunt for money is also joined by Karan (Prakash Raj) and Arjun (Sonu Sood) who are cousins of Johri. Of course the predictable man chase dog sequels happen. In the end Akhil has a change of heart when he feels humans are worse off than animals and along with the dog Junior manages to get rid of the “villains”.

There is absolutely nothing whatsoever that intrigues me about this story. Secondly, directors who make films animals but can’t churn out something funny, cute or even sentimental is just unbelievable. I think putting an animal in a film is a very smart thing to do because that always tends to work! (Remember Tuffy in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun?) But scriptwriters turned directors Sajid and Farhad just don’t have the skill in them. Which is understandable because they have previously written scripts for unbeatable gems like – Golmaal Returns, Housefull 2, Ready, Golmaal 3 and Singham! Clearly they shouldn’t have turned directors.

I don’t understand why Prakash Raj continues to work in atrocious projects like these. This man is one gem of an actor who has worked in films like Kanjivaram and Kannathil Mutthamil. Why, Prakash Raj, why? Akshay Kumar I have no words for. I think he is the worst actor to come out from the 90s. He’s go so many years of experience and so much contacts but neither does he have the will to do good work like Aamir nor does he have the fan following which Salman and SRK have.

Another actor I want to vent out against is Tamannah Bhatiya. In an age when women are doing better and better work with each project, here’s one dame who wants to take no risks and do nothing different. In each film she wants to be the meaningless eye candy who wears pretty dresses and acts dumb. In fact she only appears when there’s a song!

In short, DON’T watch Entertainment. Not even on TV. You are better off without it.


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