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Diary scope is my world my way. I write about whatever presents itself to my mind with whatever honesty I can manage, because I regret letting the thoughts go by.

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10 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Great narration. Enjoyed reading many of your posts and will be coming back to read the rest as well.

    Each post kept me glued from beginning to end (which happens very rarely with my short attention span)

    Loved your writing. Keep it coming.



  2. Hey Neetole,

    I happened to spot your blog through the ‘Holiday’ review and ended up subscribing to it!
    You are one another rediscovery amongs my school people – I began to know a few after moving out of the common space we shared.

    Looks like we shared a similar inhibition to begin writing aside from cats. My first blog reads along the same lines as your first!

    Best and keep writing so that I may keep reading 🙂


    1. It’s good to hear from you and have you on my blog. Very few people I actually know are on this site. I’m glad you liked what I wrote. Hope to keep you posted with even better blogs in the future. Meanwhile I shall check out Macavity 🙂


  3. it is really unfortunate that due to you kind of people Hindus are weak and create such disastrous interest
    ‘I Don’t Support Narendra Modi ‘ and feel proud just want to know have u ever dare to write against AZAM KHAN, AKBARUDDIN OWAISI no you don’t have that kind of guts because you know you will get immediate reaction from them and also u work for Times of muslims so another reason too you are not allowed to write against them but one person who tried his best to save the country and you people do ur best to defame him with false and baseless allegations I feel sad and shame this kind of Hindus ( if not using pseudo name) who tried their best to create big hole in roots


    1. Let’s talk about itimes on itimes. Not on my personal blog please. Besides, it’s my prerogative to choose exactly who and what I want to write about. You see I’m not so insecure about my religious identity – unfortunately.


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